[Jun 04 13:37 UK ] tone click

[June 21 15:07 UK] 
I'm at the Brunswick Center in Bloomsbury and I've seen no sparrows despite 
geraniums and trash cans and other signs of natural habit. click

[June 21 14:43 UK]
Hello- I'd like to report that I've seen no sparrows at [unintelligible] in Brick Lane. bye click

[June 25 19:55 UK] 
Another whole day has gone by and I've been out and about and I haven't seen a sparrow 
anywhere in WC1

[June 26 02:43 UK] 
Hello. Here is Pit from Berlin. We don't have sparrows here we have pigeons living in the 
subways and adapting to the tunnels. They only live underground and they don't go into the 
sun any more. Thankyou. click 

[June 28 14:42 UK] 
click tone

[July 01 14:21 UK] 
Possibly found sparrow corpse crawled under used condom - what do sparrows eat? click

I'm in Shoreditch on Rhoda street- no sparrows - there's a park and about 20 pigeons and um one 

[July 02 11:27 UK] 
[unintelligble] not many round here now. not much to [unintelligible] they took all 
the bushes away and that's their eating areas [unintelligble] click

[July 02 11:31 UK] We're at the Tower of London and we've seen one, we've seen a sparrow, there's 
some grass here and there's about 4 pigeons, about 26 blackbirds and there was one sparrow - and 
it's gone<

[July 02 12:39 UK]
I haven't seen any - after months when by I started to see a couple more. I have 
seen more in the last 12 - in the last few months than er, than I did 12 months ago. When I 
[unintelligble] I have seen actually quite a lot bip

[July 02 18:21 UK]
clickclick click click click hangsup tone

[July 02 17:11 UK]
Hello this is Saul phoning in from Liverpool lime street station. I've just been 
riding around Liverpool and I've seen lots of pigeons again, and there seems to be no let-up in 
the ever-expanding population of pigeons around the world - they're just taking over - I don't 
know if it's them causing just the total lack of any sparrows anywhere, but there just seems to be 
this enormous sparrow shaped hole that covers the whole of, the whole of Liverpool, I mean what 
I've seen of Liverpool. And I, I dunno I mean, there's nobody to ask. I've asked a few people and 
nobody seems to have any idea where they are, there certainly aren't any sparrows here although the 
local reports from the cafe were that um tone hangsup

[July 03 01:45 UK]
Yes. Um, I can't find any sparrows at all. Anyhere. While I'm trying to get the logging system 
to work but there aren't any sparrows in here either. 

[July 04 16:57 UK]
scene: distant bird noise, fluttering click

[July 05 21:15 UK]
No sparrow - no sparrows - OK we're in a space with no sparrows at all. A complete 
absence and lack - we're surrounded by an absence of sparrows. There are no sparrows that way, 
that way, that way,  that way,  that way,  or even  that way. No sparrows this way either. A 
sparrow-less environment. click

[July 05 21:17 UK]
We did actually see both a swan and a sparrow on the way here. Not in the same 
place, the sparrow was what Leonard Cohen would call a bird on the wire. Whereas the swan was 
not on the wire it was on the canal. That's all. click 

[Jul 05 21:19 UK]
I saw a sparrow about 2 days ago on Wandsworth Common. Well it was um sort of half 
woodland and it was flying  click
[Jul 06 17:41 UK]  
CALLER Hello I'm sitting in a park in - de Beauvoir Town? de Beauvoir Square it would 
be, although its [] in a circle and I'm with a young man who I've met in the park and 
I'm going to do a short interview on the subject of sparrows. 
Um - do you know what a sparrow looks like? 
YOUNG MAN Yes I do. 
CALLER Could you please describe one for those people who don't know what they look like? 
YOUNG MAN Small, lovely-looking, if you you know don't think about the feathers too much
CALLER What about the markings? special markings? YOUNG MAN Um - brown CALLER Brown with any other elements that could be used to recognise a sparrow? other than it being brown and fluffy? YOUNG MAN Fuck all. CALLER No you can't swear, you can't do that, sorry. And did you have any idea about how many sparrows live in the London area? YOUNG MAN No I don't. CALLER Do you think anyone else does? YOUNG MAN No I don't. CALLER OK and um well I think perhaps that's fine for now, and thankyou for you time. Click [Jul 06 17:55 UK] CALLER Hi what's your name? KID James CALLER And where are we? KIDS London CALLER What's this park called? KIDS Black Park CALLER Black Park? KIDS That's what we call it. CALLER OK that's what you call it. And what area are we in? what area of London? KIDS Hackney. CALLER Hackney - East London. KIDS East? - Yeah, Hackney's East London right - Yeah the West is on the other side CALLER And what are your other names KIDS That's Darren, that's Gerry that's Greg! And I'm called Rodney!! CALLER So do you mind if I ask you some questions? KIDS OK OK CALLER So what do you think about, do you know what a sparrow is? KIDS Uh a bird a bird! it's a bird CALLER And do you know what kind - would you be able to recognise one KIDS YEAH is it a brown and red bird? CALLER No that's a robin isn't it, the brown and red. KIDS Yeah. CALLER This is what a sparrow looks like - KIDS What colour? CALLER Uh I guess it's like brown and white. KIDS What's it called again? CALLER It's a little bird, and there used to be more sparrows in London than pigeons. But they've died out now and the pigeons - KIDS Taken over! CALLER Yeah exactly - what do you think about pigeons? KIDS They're - they're - they're like flying rats! CALLER Everyone says that don't they, they're like flying rats. Why do you think - do people hate them so much because theyre dirty? What about sparrows, what do people think about sparrows KIDS [unintelligble] CALLER wait a minute we've got to finish the interview first OK - what about sparrows, do you think they're as dirty as pigeons or - KIDS They're just the same! CALLER The same - are all birds the same? KIDS NO - no. - Just sparrows and pigeons CALLER why do you think sparrows are the same as pigeons? KIDS Because [unintelligible] they carry round some diseases. Which you don't know - And you don't know what they've been in, in might be that some, some, they've got dirty water on them CALLER Would you say there is a sparrow problem? KIDS No CALLER There's not a sparrow problem - there's just a few dirty - is there a pigeon problem? KIDS [unintelligible] CALLER What do you think we should do about the pigeon problem? ideas about the pigeon problem? KIDS Well er maybe, in the woods they have rabbit hunts we could maybe - CALLER So we could pay people - KIDS A pigeon hunt! And like in schools as well CALLER OK. And would you support a sparrow hunt as well? KIDS Mm yes. No. CALLER No sparrow hunt? KID I think there should be no pigeon hunt and no sparrow hunt. Because if there was no animals in this world, we would not be living. CALLER So you think we need the sparrows and pigeons and everything else? KIDS YES NO - No we don't need the pigeons, the sparrows or pigeons - We do cos they sing. CALLER Because they what? they sing? So - then we could have less of them but make the ones that are less sing more. KIDS [unintelligible] we could train them CALLER Train them to sing more, louder! KIDS [unintelligble] - Darren, Darren, if there was no pigeons or um sparrows, then who would eat the food, they would not eat it. - WHAT? CALLER What he's saying is the sparrows and the pigeons eat the insects. And if there's no-one to eat the insects - KIDS Are you a teacher? CALLER I am not a teacher no. KIDS Are you a [unintelligible] - We should look after the pigeons! CALLER What about the sparrows? KIDS Yeah the sparrows as well. CALLER So there's definitely no sparrow shooting and no pigeon shooting, that's definitely not, so what are we going to do to look after them? KIDS FEED THEM! CALLER Feed them? - NO YES - You know those nut things you put them like on trees CALLER Nut holders in trees - that's a good idea, and what about things like pollution that also affects sparrows? KIDS Yeah and boats CALLER What? KIDS Boats, and teleporters! Yeah yeah we could look after all the animals [unintelligible]
CALLER So you think boats and teleporters..? KIDS No NOT teleporters: invent teleporters [unintelligible] CALLER So basically invent teleporters, no pigeon shooting and nut-holders on trees - KIDS YES! CALLER OK so thankyou very much its been really great talking to you. Do you want to say goodbye? KIDS BYE!!! [msgDec02 13:15 US] upload to the er um [unintelligble] um [unintelligble] um the so this is sorry? um the the [unintelligible] airlines the um click click ah number new york and london sparrow population [unintelligible] sparrow population declined - really? - yeah an indctment of urban environments around the city [garble] click and right now - wow - of course the benefits - terrific - [unintelligible] its the same - the sparrows click so with this - um- click the sparrows um, um click [unintelligible] the idea is [garble] um [uninteligible] - hello? say again? oh hi how you doing . yeah [uninteligible] yeah [unintelligible]